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 281.469.5323 Fallbrook                    Heights 713.869.6300

alt From Mr. BBQ - "My wife & I had words, but I didn't get to use mine." 

 SPECIALS FOR DAD & U thru Father's Day

#1) CHICKEN FRIED STEAK, the Hired Hand" that's big enuf fer a Texan,

with 2 Side Orders, Dessert & Tea or Soda 16.79 

#2) BBQ SAMPLER Plate with pecan-smoked RIBS, SAUSAGE & BEEF with 2 Side Orders,

Dessert & Tea or Soda 18.79  "It's OK to sub different meats on the Sampler" 

PICK A DESSERT W/ YOUR SPECIALadd ice cream +1.00

At the Heights, +1.00 for Swiss Chalet Cake


  GIFT CARDS:  $50 gets you $60  *  $100 gets you $125   

 Only 2 days left for Cirque du Soleil at Sam Houston Race Park.  Enjoy a great meal at H H Fallbrook & the fabulous show while you're in our neighborhood.  

  The Art Car Museum, our neighbor on Heights Blvd., has a very cool display of AWARD WINNING - ORIGINAL ART created BY LOCAL SCHOOL CHILDREN. It's worth a "look-see!"   

More fun Click on the FUN STUFF-VIDEOS Tab to watch how we prepare your favorites.

Lots of short clips!

alt Remember, we're celebrating Father's Day, a little early, starting now!